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CareStack: The Best Dental Software

CareStack, a unified suite of cloud-based dental software products for your clinical administration and patient management, is the best and most versatile dental practice management software that your practice can implement at this time of a potential economic slowdown.

Our dental software solution not only caters to today’s changing needs but also proactively incorporates features to adapt to the rapidly rising challenges within the industry making your dental practice resilient through times. This ensures you to not only prepare for similar emergencies but also helps to ensure your business continuity to become the preferred practice when the shutdown is lifted.

In order to scale up the practice addressing your changing dental practice needs, you need to check whether you have the best dental software in place. This can easily be done by asking yourself a few questions.

  • Is your practice shut down even now?
  • Is every process, including your claims and denials management, suspended?
  • Are you worried about your financial viability when the markets come alive again?
  • Do you think your facility will not feel ‘safe and sanitized enough’ to your incoming patients when you finally open?

If your answers to all of these are ‘yes’, then you definitely have reasons to worry.

Dental care will not be the same when the world makes a come back after the 2020 shutdown triggered by the coronavirus. The patients are going to be wary of unnecessary crowds and contact and will demand safer protocols in care delivery. It is highly possible that the best dental care will be the ones to deliver the ‘safest’ care to their patients.

How does dental software help your practice?

In order to be the best dental care provider, you need to future-proof your dental practice. Helping you through the journey of transforming yourself to the best dental care provider CareStack offers software solutions to improve your:

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Patient and Staff Safety
  • New Patient Growth
  • Reimbursement and Collections

The other ways in which you could move ahead of your competitors to tower the industry are:

1. Being remote-ready anytime

One thing dental practices need to learn from this shutdown is that remote functionality is a core technical tool that each of you must have if you are to survive future challenges.

A cloud-based dental practice management software like CareStack is the right investment to make if you look to adapt yourself to the demands of being remote when the need comes. Even if your practice is shut down, the backend can function smoothly if the dental practice has a digitized and fully automated cloud-based practice management system in place. This would mean that in spite of the critical times your staff can take better care of your revenue cycle with glitch-free claims and denial management. This will ensure your dental practice with a streamlined income without backlogs and expiry hurdles.

2. Online scheduling and curbside check-in

CareStack provides facilities for the patients to book appointments online from their mobile devices. It also helps them save time and hassle by providing them curbside check-in kiosks and other handheld devices without human assistance at the front desk. This will greatly build confidence in people as they can effectively avoid crowds, save waiting time, and additionally be able to avoid unwanted clinic visits. CareStack’s all-in-one dental software also provides facilities like a slot finder, wait-list, and ASAP list management to fast track the booking.

Online scheduling

3. Single-window controls

Be in a position to control the entire business from your fingertips. For this, a dental business must be able to monitor and manage all operations across multiple sites through a central console. With dental software like CareStack in control, the enterprise can effectively provide single-window access to appointment scheduling, billing & financial reporting, document management, access control, data security, business management, and most importantly claim scrubbing and denial management.

4. Analytics and metric dashboards

It is important for a responsible dental practice owner to have an in-depth analytical insight into the practice’s Key Performance Indicators. With an automated dental patient management system like CareStack, it is possible to have access to key enterprise health indicators on a single dashboard in a very accessible format. Care Stack can track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and identify hidden opportunities through real-time access to data at a local and enterprise level. Practices can choose from a library of more than 100 KPIs and measure them continuously to monitor the health of the practice.

KPI and reports

5. Streamline Operations

With CareStack you can standardize your practice workflows across multiple locations. CareStack helps to smoothen out the hitches in the clinical, administrative, and financial management of your dental practice through its many features. In the clinical phase, CareStack has it’s signature rule-based charting and treatment planning, care notes with clinical decision support, template-based communication for patient engagement, and custom forms for capturing patient conditions or allergies. It also helps to perform tasks automatically based on pre-set triggers and conditions. Automation is our level of streamlining, where you eliminate the need for manual intervention in practice management thus freeing up your employee time for more productive tasks.

What does a dental software offer in Patient-management?

CareStack believes that patients are the key stakeholders of your practice. Therefore, CareStack offers a multitude of features to ensure better patient management. The versatile dental software, CareStack helps you to deliver a superior end-to-end patient experience.

1. Statements and online payments

Through the Pay-by-Text feature, CareStack helps you to generate personalized statements with a link to view and pay their invoice with custom messages and automatically send them to your patients. Patients can then make payments through a secure online payment portal by logging in using the statement id and DOB. The patient payment is thus instantly processed and the funds are deposited into the practice’s bank account. With this feature, you can also respond to payment-related inquiries from patients through two-way text messaging.


2. Patient reviews

Surveys show that more than 86% of patients use online reviews to evaluate dental service providers. The reputation management module built into CareStack’s practice management software allows offices to selectively push review requests to patients during their check-out. The positive reviews received could be used to encourage more patients to choose your dental practice and can be also used to boost your practice reputation online.

3. Huddle boards

Huddle board gives you a bird’s eye view of your practice. At a glance, you’ll know the patient’s readiness and priority: who is checking in, who is filling out pre-appointment digital forms, who are ready to be seated, who has been waiting for too long, and who is running late- all in real-time. This information enables dental teams to optimize patient inflow, minimize delays, reduce patients’ wait times, and handle the unexpected.

4. Patient list builders

CareStack’s dental practice management solution is focused on growing your practice and we believe communication has a big part in this. For this CareStack generates patient lists based on more than 100 configurable criteria and uses this to identify and re-engage patients based on planned treatments, outstanding collections, unused benefits, and so on. This ensures regular patient engagement which will improve patient retention and your revenue inflow.

5. ERA and rule-based posting

CareStack’s intelligent ERA processing module reads the incoming ERA, creates insurance check entries, and automatically posts the money against the corresponding claims and procedures, as and when your patient enters your practice for dental care. It reduces outstanding patient collections and optimizes your financial workflow.

CareStack’s practice management software strives to provide dentistry the right tools that are innovative, quick to launch, and easy-to-use. Their mission is to pioneer the digital transformation of the dental industry with simple cloud-based solutions. With over 5 years in the industry CareStack’s dental software has secured over 5 million patients records for over 2000 providers. As you slowly get back to the business in these turbulent times, a versatile cloud-based all-in-one technology platform like CareStack can transform the way you work and manage your practice. Thus with CareStack, you are choosing a software provider who understands dentistry to make your dental practice more successful and on-purpose.