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Customer Onboarding

Smooth and seamless transition

We follow a tried-and-tested customer onboarding process, built on best practices and delivered by subject matter experts.

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Seamless Onboarding

Our onboarding process combines sound planning and disciplined execution to ensure a smooth transition from your legacy software.


Sales Handoff and Kickoff Call

After signing the agreements, the sales team will do a customer introduction to the implementation team. An implementation lead will be assigned to partner with the practice throughout the transition.

The implementation lead will organize a kickoff call to identify the stakeholders, implementation priorities and go-live date. This opportunity will also be used to identify any pertinent goals associated with the implementation.


Planning and Workflow Analysis

Existing operational workflows will be analyzed to determine any critical blockers, document any additional product features, and prepare a timeline of events like training sessions and weekly meeting times.


Data Services

We will access the existing practice management system to gather the data. You will receive an email with instructions to work closely with the data conversion teams to complete this process.

Once the data conversion is complete, the sandbox environment will be updated. Guided by the lead, you will validate the integrity of the converted data to ensure that there are no inaccuracies.



Our training curriculum gives practices great flexibility for completing courses at your convenience, with a library of on-demand training videos, step-by-step lessons, and guided practice exercises.



We will convert your data and images once more so you are ready to go. Customers will no longer be entering new data into their legacy system as it will only be used as a reference point moving forward.


Post Go-Live Support

During the first few days of going live, you will receive support to ensure a smooth transition. At this point, an account manager will be assigned to ensure continued success. Dedicated customer success teams are available to provide chat, email and phone assistance throughout your journey with CS Enterprise™.

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