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Data Services

Quick and accurate data conversion

We have a detailed data conversion process that accurately moves your data, documents, x-rays, and images to CS Enterprise™.

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Smooth Conversion

Our data conversion specialists help you quickly and accurately extract, transform and import your previous data to CS Enterprise™.

Every System. Every Data Format

Every System. Every Data Format

We have successfully converted data from over 60 practice management software systems. No source system is too complex or large for us.

Bring All Your Data with You

Bring All Your Data with You

The data in your current practice management system is extremely valuable and therefore we do a detailed data conversion. In the history of CareStack, there are only a few instances where we thought the practice would benefit from starting over.

Conversion Process

Conversion Process

Data Extraction

We will access the existing practice management system and work with your practice staff to identify how much data is available, the accuracy of the legacy data, which portions of the data need to be converted and the method of the conversion.


Once the data conversion is complete, the sandbox environment will be updated. Guided by the lead, customers will validate the integrity of the converted data to ensure that there are no inaccuracies.

Final Migration

Once the data in the sandbox is validated and updated with the necessary corrections, we will execute the final migration prior to Go-Live.

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