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The Complete Dental Practice Management Software

The rapid shift in technology has been doing more than just individualizing your dental practice among your competitors. In the middle of this upcoming “new normal” of dentistry it is providing ways to improve the practice performance and care for your patients through advanced and cloud-based dental practice management softwares thereby drastically accelerating the efficiency of your practice and patients’ safety.

A Shift in the Dental Practice Management

Prior to COVID-19, it was just a matter of efficient management of your dental practice. But now, your practice is inspected more on your patients’ safety, infection control measures, and contactless practice protocols you have in place.

The more you keep your patients and staff away from being in contact, the better your practice would be from the current hassles. The innovations in dental technology, especially at this point of time doesn’t always mean providing contactless dental service but also offering secure and convenient access to dental care at an affordable cost.

In such a situation, a unified suite of dental practice management software makes dental practice workflow more efficient and seamless. It provides the right features you must be in need of at single cost-effective pricing and has multiple advantages like:

  • Accessing your patient data anytime, anywhere
  • HIPAA compliant data backup on the cloud for secure patient communications
  • Curb-side check-in, virtual scheduling and consultation for a better patient engagement
  • Patient operated payment system connected via smart devices
  • Patient AR automation software to collect outstanding balances

If you are looking to scale up the game infusing the latest technology to optimize your dental practice management then it is CareStack that you are looking for. Carestack is by far, the most ideal cloud-based dental practice management software, packed with every imaginable feature that a growing dental practice could ever need in these changing times.

Carestack: The Unified Cloud-based Dental Practice Management Software

The most important benefit of a cloud-based dental practice management software is its flexibility for virtual adaptations. In this COVID-19 era of dentistry, patients are more comfortable with contactless virtual alternatives for getting their routine dental care. With multiple locations and remote operations, in these turbulent times, dental practices truly need cloud support and virtual application hosting to extend a seamless and safe experience to their patients. CareStack offers a completely cloud-based dental practice management system that can do everything from online scheduling patient visits to automated Patient AR collections remotely, anytime in the day. So what does CareStack offer to your dental practice?

1. Curbside check-in

Curbside check-in is a feature that goes beyond just being convenient to more of ensuring the necessary protocols of social distancing. Patients can check-in for their appointments from the safety of their own vehicles. They can thereby avoid the reception and front-desk formalities and could fill-out intake information too digitally from their smart devices. They need to just be in at the clinic for the actual consultation with the doctor, which reduces the risk of being exposed to the crowd.

2. Online patient scheduling

Scheduling the patients online is another convenient feature that ensures the safety of your patients and staff. Online scheduling allows patients to book appointments directly into the schedule based on the time slots configured by your practice. A cloud-based software platform can seamlessly accommodate adding a link and/or chat option to your website for scheduling communication. With CareStack’s cloud-based practice management software, the virtual ‘front office’ is open 24/7 to serve the scheduling needs of patients.

Online scheduling

3. Teledentistry and virtual patient consultations

Teledentistry enables you to consult face-to-face with your patients through high-quality video conferencing. This ensures that you keep your patients and staff 100% safe through telehealth screenings. Carestack’s Virtual Office allows you to be updated on your patient information keeping a tab on their clinical notes. It also enables you to document the clinical information using odontograms and smart note templates as and when the consulting takes place ensuring the real-time management of data.

4. Centralized scheduling

CareStack is loaded with unique features custom made for dental practices with multiple operatories. It facilitates booking dental services remotely, even from the patient’s mobile or web devices which would then display the entire list of operatories available with a practice. It helps the patients to navigate themselves to the possibly nearest and convenient practice within the operatories listed. Thereby, the centralized scheduling saves time and unusual crowds that would otherwise get concentrated to a single operatory.

5. Standardized procedures, forms, and billing

CareStack dental practice management software provides you a standardized package for documentation across the workflow in your dental enterprise. From the front office to the claims management, there are standard formats for every piece of documentation that will ensure patient care and insurance management are flawlessly taken care of.

6. Revenue Cycle Management

Efficiently managing the revenue cycle ensures the financial health of a dental practice. Ideally, a practice must have an automated dental practice management software in place to ensure that the revenue cycle of the organization is smooth and works to please the interests of both the enterprise and the clients.

From managing financial data to insurance reimbursement tracking, Carestack’s revenue cycle management service is easy and accessible anytime-anywhere. Thus Carestack provides a cloud-based software platform alongside digital-centric revenue management workflows which can help recession-proof your dental practice.

Claims management

Changing the conventional to imperative: cloud-based dental software

The time has come for you to break free from the traditional dental management systems to an all-in-one enterprise-grade cloud based practice management software with the potential to centralize and scale up your practice.

Carestack will definitely be the most sophisticated dental practice management software available in town customized both for privately owned dental practices to DSOs to maximize your efficiency through centralization, automation and analytics. Carestack helps you to achieve the unachievable in multiple ways.

Never-before Patient Experience

CareStack’s suite of fine-tuned tools ensures that a dental practice’s patients, new or existing, receive a safe and seamless experience from online booking to check-out. In addition, these tools benefit your office team members by cutting down on mundane tasks like scanning and inputting documents into patient records and keeping them safe from unnecessary patient interactions at the same time.

Patient Portal

Patient profiles have been dramatically revolutionized by technology and now with cloud-based dental practice management solutions like CareStack, practices can deliver better to the Gen Z and millennials who like processes that begin and end on their smart devices. With CareStack, patients can complete forms, check and pay balances and store and access their medical documents securely online.


Self-service kiosks offered by CareStack’s dental practice management software can effectively reduce the frustrating bottlenecks at the front desk, improving patient service and help the office team members declutter their workplace with more digitized services and lesser or absolutely no paperwork requirements.

The Kiosk feature allows for curbside check-in and the completion of all requisite “intake” forms such as medical history or treatment consent forms. These forms are then directly loaded into the clinical chart relieving the need for the front desk to scan or manually enter the information.

Automated communications

CareStack dental practice management software has highly customizable and automated 2-way communication systems inbuilt into its suite. CareStack uses multiple modes like email, SMS, and voice to engage patients for reminders and notifications. Patients can quickly confirm or cancel and reschedule to automatically reflect in the schedules, thus giving a more personalized experience and ensuring better customer engagement.

Text to pay

Insurance management

Insurance delivery is critical to patient retention and satisfaction. CareStack provides a single-window system to manage dental insurance denials and reprocess them in a time-bound manner to ensure optimal revenue cycle management to the dental practice and highest possible insurance payments to the patients.

Patient-operated payments

The patient-operated payment portal gives your patients an easy option to review and check the outstanding balances to be paid to the dental service provider. Once they get a hold of the amount to be paid they can pay them directly from their smart device via text messages. The more convenient your patient’s access to the payment process the more likely they will pay on-time. Thus you could enhance your cash-flow timely payments.

With CareStack managing all your practice management needs you can confidently assure your patients their dental care rather than sweating over the dental insurance claims and workflow integration. Get started on your journey with CS Enterprise™offering you the easiest way to collect patient information, reduce no-shows, streamline your operations, and increase patient satisfaction. Book a demo now!