Change before you have to

Why should you change legacy dental software?

Outdated software creates unnecessary work for dental providers and staff, along with creating serious cash-flow issues for dental practices. If you are not equipped for the changes faced by dental industry in the coming months and years, scaling up becomes an exhaustive process.

Antiquated software creates:
  • Missed appointments
  • Inaccurate eligibility
  • Delayed payments
  • Frustrated patients

Yet, practices choose to not change legacy software because of the stress associated with introducing change.

Changing legacy software is never easy. So we are here to help you.

Make a Smooth Transition
to CareStack

We have an expert team and a proven process to make your move to CareStack as seamless as possible.

Listen to Alisha Gerrard, Office Manager - Wasatch Dental Associates, Ogden UT share her experience about switching to CareStack from legacy dental software, including the conversion of her data and images. She talks in detail about why and how she motivated her team to make the transformation.

Besides 10+ years of dental experience, Alisha also has a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and works part time for Intermountain Healthcare.

And You Are Not Alone..

2000+ dentists have already made the move

Midwest Dental

Headquarters - Wisconsin
230 Offices

Plum Dental

Headquarters - Boston
17 Offices

Smile Starters

Headquarters - North Carolina
14 Offices

Morrison Dental

Headquarters - Virginia
10 Offices

National Dental

Headquarters - New York City
10 Offices

American Dental

Headquarters - New York City
8 Offices

TLC Dental

Headquarters - Florida
7 Offices

Heritage Dental

Heritage Dental
Headquarters - Iowa
5 Offices

Dental Depot

Headquarters - Texas
4 Offices

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