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Dr. Jasmine Elmore, CEO, About Face Collaborative
November 26, 2020

Expanding My Practice With A New Location: Considerations For Starting From Scratch

Scaling up your dental practice for multi-site operations can easily become an administrative nightmare. If the same is planned with multiple legacy software and paper-based forms as well, the practice management efficiency is sure to go in for a toss in the long run.

Dr. Jasmine Elmore, CEO of About Face Collaborative narrates her experience of expanding her practice and improving staff and patient management with the adoption of CareStack’s all-in-one cloud-based platform. She explains how she has cut down costs avoiding multiple software subscriptions along with server maintenance charges. The ease of paperless forms, secure information handling, and remote access has helped her staff to tide over the work-from-home challenges and at the same time streamline operations across locations.