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Alisha Gerrard, Office Manager, Wasatch Dental Association
September 28, 2020

Help! Software Subscription Overload!

Patient expectations have changed a lot with the onset of the pandemic, pushing dental practices to change their game plan. With millennials looking for multiple options to effortlessly access care, practices are in search of solutions that help them to futureproof themselves incorporating evolving patient needs.

Alisha Gerrard, Office Manager – Wasatch Dental Associates, talks about how her front desk has made the task of insurance eligibility verification easier and more efficient by switching to an all-in-one cloud-based management solution. As an office manager, she has had the first-hand experience of how her practice struggled with paper forms that they had to scan and shred after each use. She explains how the digital forms they implemented as a part of cloud-based PMS integration have become a huge time saver expediting and streamlining the process and boosting their data accuracy.