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Scale Operations Efficiently

Scaling your business with legacy software is hard

CS Enterprise™ offers an unparalleled cloud solution for scaling your practice smoothly, efficiently and profitably.

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Eliminate Third Party Software Costs

Managing multiple offices with multiple software systems that don't play nice with each other is expensive and inefficient.

Direct Cost

Typically dental offices subscribe to a minimum of three types of software vendors to manage the daily operations - Practice management software, patient engagement solutions and data analytics providers.


In most cases third party software subscription cost is expensive and unsustainable.

No of offices Cost per office per mo
1 - 5 $1300 - $1500
5 - 10 $1000 - $1200
More than 10 $800 - $1000

Hidden Cost

Legacy systems come with an inflexible integration structure and this creates challenges while bolting on third party software on top of it. Due to the latency in data movement and the limited data flow possible, manual labour has to be spent to keep both the systems in sync.

30% of staff time is spent entering data into two systems, troubleshooting IT issues and dealing with missed appointments, inaccurate eligibility, delayed collections and frustrated patients.
Alisha Gerrard
Wasatch Dental Association

With CS Enterprise™, you get one complete solution to manage everything - Appointments, treatments, claims, payments, patient communication, reporting and more.

40% savings on direct costs and reduction of data entry errors by 80% or more.

Centralize and Gain Operational Leverage

If a practice expands without implementing the technology necessary to centralize and decrease the overhead per office, profitability will decline and impact the financial health of the business.

Why Centralize ?

Software centralization creates predictable, repeatable performance and financial value over time.

By centralizing operations through a software platform, you can ensure consistency in performance while reducing overheads associated with growth.

Financial buyers pay a premium (8-14X EBITDA) for centralized groups.

With CS Enterprise™, centralize, standardize and automate the operational tasks to improve efficiency, productivity and overall profitability of your group.

Enterprise Administration

Enterprise Administration

Brand Management

Give your group practice the power to manage multiple locations or groups of locations or multiple brands through a central admin panel.

User Administration

Control what each user across all locations can access by using a centralized user profile management interface to define their roles and permissions.

Master Data Management

Ensure accuracy in scheduling, treatment planning and billing performed across locations by maintaining high quality master data at an enterprise level.

Centralized Services

Centralized Services

Central Billing Office

Maximize reimbursements by consolidating all your back office billing functions such as billing, handling denials, payer follow ups, AR management across all locations into a central billing office.

Call Center

Eliminate operational tasks off the plate of the front-line employees by setting up a centralized call center for appointment reminders, recall management and billing questions.

Enterprise Reporting

Give actionable insights to the executive management by aggregating data across all offices along with the necessary filters to measure the KPI’s for the entire organization or a group of locations or an individual location.



Clinical Quality Control

Ensure high standards of care by standardizing clinical quality control across the enterprise through chart audit rules and smart notes that capture detailed documentation of the treatment.

Process Automation

Standardize the operating procedures for scheduling, clinical and patient services across all the offices by setting up templates and automation workflows at an enterprise level.

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