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Transition from sales


Agreement signing & sales handoff

After signing the agreements, the sales team will transfer the customer to the implementation team. An implementation lead will be assigned to partner with the practice throughout transition.

Welcome email

Customers receive a welcome email from the implementation lead. From here, the customer will decide upon a date for the kickoff call, leading into phase one of the implementation journey: knocking out the details.

Phase one: The details


Kickoff call

In this introductory call, the implementation lead will identify the CareStack champions, stakeholders and go-live date. This opportunity will also be used to identify any pertinent goals associated with the implementation.


Debut environment delivery

Following the kick-off call, credentials to access the debut environment will be sent to the customers. The debut environment will be setup with sample settings and sample data, allowing practices to experiment with tasks, processes and settings without worry.


Obtaining access to data

In order to begin the conversion process, CareStack will need access to the existing practice management system to gather the data. Customers will receive an email with instructions to work closely with the data conversion teams to complete this process.


Workflow analysis

Existing operational workflows will be analysed to determine any critical blockers, document any additional product features and prepare a timeline of events like training sessions and weekly meeting times.

Phase two: Team preparedness


CareStack university

Built right into the CareStack platform, users can start their learning as soon as the debut environment is received. Our training curriculum gives practices great flexibility for completing courses at their convenience, with a library of on-demand training videos, step-by-step lessons and guided practice exercises.


Sandbox delivery

Once the data conversion is complete, the sandbox environment will be updated. This will give a fresh look at how office workflows will translate into CareStack. Guided by the implementation lead, customers will validate the integrity of the converted data to ensure there are no inaccuracies or misrepresented data.

Phase three: The groundwork


Interim live delivery

The interim live environment is the optimal time to begin customizing CareStack for specific needs. Completing the admin and clinical setup will enable the team to prepare ahead of time for go-live.


Legacy software sunset

If practices are switching from another practice management software, the day before Go-Live will be spent verifying core processes with statements, claims, and the like. The final peak-efficiency data will be acquired and converted into the production environment and customers will no longer be entering new data into their legacy system as it will only be used as a reference point moving forward.



During the first few days of going live, practices will receive either onsite or remote support to ensure that they have the tools necessary for success. At this point, an account manager will be assigned to ensure continued success in CareStack.

Stress free insurance billing service

Revenue Cycle Management

Our RCM solution allows practices to focus more on patients and worry less about collections. By combining modern technology, effective processes and expert billing specialists, we optimize the payment cycle, reduce administrative burden and increase collections.


Fee schedule maintenance

Keep fee schedules up to date to ensure proper treatment plans and the submission of clean claims.


Eligibility & benefit verification

A comprehensive breakdown of the patient or family’s insurance is gathered and placed in the patient’s electronic record for future and same day appointments as well as walk-ins.


Claims management

Submit primary and secondary claims electronically everyday with sufficient review to ensure that the claim will not be denied over a clerical error, which typically occurs 3-4 times per week in most dental offices.


Denial management

Investigate the cause for denials and do prompt follow up with insurance companies to collect outstanding balances.


Payment posting

Post insurance payments and contract adjustments to the patient ledgers accurately and timely–within 24 business hours after the EOB is scanned by the office.


Financial reporting

Email weekly and monthly reports to the management staff, with a summary of insurance collection efforts and any issues discovered that will slow down the collection efficiency.

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Experts that work with you

Our customer service team is here to help solve your problems. Our team of experts will do everything they can to resolve your problems.


Access our knowledge base

Discover everything that can be done with Carestack by accessing our library of information, from documentation to videos. Customers can simply search and find answers to their questions.

24/7phone, email, and chat support

Our phenomenal support team is available on email, phone and chat for all 7 days a week. We answer calls under 30 seconds and typically respond within 1 hour for critical issues and the same day for non-critical issues. You can call us at 407.833.6123 or send an email to hello@carestack.com



We choose topics that will be of value to our clients and frequently conduct informative webinars at no extra charge to our customers.


Help tickets

Our team of experts do everything they can to provide solutions to the problems cited by our customers. Customers can view all the tickets for their practice and their status through our ticket management system.


Health checks

Proactive account monitoring is in place to uncover trends, identify and address issues before they escalate.